Saturday, March 19, 2016

 This post is for the "Great Cakes Soap Challenge"
I will be back later to update and add more details. I need to get this uploaded to the challenge asap :)


  1. CUTE!!!
    What a great way to use up the extra soap.

  2. What a great design idea! I love the colors and how they turned out so beautifully! Great job, Priscilla! (I might have to steal this idea to use up the remains of my mistakes on my first two tries!)

  3. Very cute idea!! Your soap for the center must have been extremely fluid to fill in the gaps inside your curls. I would have surely ended up with air holes, but your soap looks fabulous!!

  4. Hi Priscilla, this is your friend over at KNOW WHAT MOM KNOWS on YouTube :-) Also, from the Sage Forum!! Anyway, I have been busy and have not been over the the sage in sometime. I will drop by soon. I did not get to my recording of my liquid soap as of yet....I know, I am slow but I do the best I can. I have made it, just have not been able to record it as of yet. Anyway, still planning on it. So, I see you have have entered the soap challenge. wow, good for you, I have done this to in the past. It is such fun. I miss doing stuff like that, but I love my NEW found love, of making YouTube videos. Stop by and see me sometime and say Hi....would LOVE to see you!!! I will stop by the Sage sometime and say hello as well. Ok...just wanted you to know ....WAY TO GO!! On your Soap are doing great girlfriend of mine:-) I was so glad to meet you this last year too. Knowing you certainly is a joy and brought some extra SPICE to my life. I love your ice skating too. You are a special woman and I am glad I know you. I hope you have a GREAT Year Sweetie!!! lOVE, Shelly~ Your Soaping Friend

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