Sunday, January 3, 2016

Calling all Soapers!!!

Well hello everyone.....boy I have been away for a long time and so much has changed in my world. How are all of you and what is new? I hope everyone is well and happy. I have decided to return to my blog because I received some handmade soap as a Christmas Gift this year and was bit by the crafting bug again. I still love all my paper crafting, digi images and card making, however I am excited to learn all the wonderful techniques in soap making. I can only imagine the matching card/soap gifts sets I will be making in the future. Since this is new to me, I am counting on some of my past blogging friends to share some links to some great challenges, contests, clubs, swaps, networking forums/sights etc etc etc that have to do with Soap making! I have missed my blogging friends and am so happy to be back :)

Please feel free to leave me a message with an update on what "you" have been up to, some goals you may have for the new year and/or to just say "HI":)

P.S. I want to leave you with a picture of my VERY first attempts at soap making. Don't laugh too hard ok peeps :) LOL


  1. Oh my gosh, welcome back! It's nice to see you posting again! I just watched a show on TV about soap making a few weeks ago! Not something I'm planning to do soon, but it's something I will probably experiment with in the future.

    I'e missed your blog... it's nice to see you back!

    1. Thank you Cathy :) What have you been up to in the crafting world?

    2. Still very much involved in paper art, but dabbling in some other things as well, mostly for embellishments.

      I'm always interested in learning a new craft though!

      Welcome, welcome back!

  2. Welcome back to the blogging world. Beautiful soaps. I have always wanted to try this, but too much going on in my life right now. In October, I took over as owner of the "Crafting With An Attitude" challenge blog and I am having so much fun. I also became a demonstrator for "Fun Stampers Journey" direct stamp sales. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

  3. These are spectacular first attempts at soap! You go! You're second recipe looks like it ashed pretty good on you, but you can shave/bevel them. Maybe add a little more (distilled) water to your next try if you do the same recipe, that should fix it. Calculators give many differing lye water amounts, you just have to find the one the ratios that work for you.Excellent job!!!!!! :)

  4. Hi Priscilla, are one of the soaps above the soap that you talked about on the forum? The Liquid Soap but it turned solid? Not sure, that is why I ask. But anyhoo, your soaps look super great and I am excited for you NEW life in Soaping. WOW, you have a really cool blog here, Like I said, your ART is something I never have known about, I would join it, but I am not sure I even understand where to start....he I am SUPER busy with YouTube right now. But as you DO your Art, I will be watching and learning bits and are SO COOL :-)
    I hope you have the BEST YEAR EVER with your Art and your Newly Found Love of Soap Making!! I am SO GLAD you subscribed to my YOUTUBE Channel, and SO GLAD that I get to talk to you on the Soaping Forum too...YEA!!!!
    Shelly Cole~Know What Mom Knows